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Professional Headshots

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017


Positions0 Remaining
ApprovalOrganizer will approve registrants
Registration OpensTill registration closes
Registration ClosesAny time before each shift ends or when space runs out.

Professional headshots will be taken Wednesday, July 26 for director-level and above employees. The location will be in the new building - room C202 Technology. Please arrive 5 minutes early as the time slots are 10 minutes long. This invitation will be updated with location and information about the room backdrop so you can dress accordingly.

A few people you will meet...

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Multiple Addresses

Shifts (18)

Photo Slot8:00am (CT)8:10am (CT)1/1Over
Photo Slot8:10am (CT)8:20am (CT)1/1Over
Photo Slot8:20am (CT)8:30am (CT)1/1Over
Photo Slot8:30am (CT)8:40am (CT)2/1Over
Photo Slot8:40am (CT)8:50am (CT)2/1Over
Photo Slot8:50am (CT)9:00am (CT)0/1Over
Photo Slot9:00am (CT)9:10am (CT)0/1Over
Photo Slot9:10am (CT)9:20am (CT)0/1Over
Photo Slot9:20am (CT)9:30am (CT)0/1Over
Photo Slot9:30am (CT)9:40am (CT)1/1Over
Photo Slot9:40am (CT)9:50am (CT)0/1Over
Photo Slot9:50am (CT)10:00am (CT)0/1Over
Photo Slot10:00am (CT)10:10am (CT)1/1Over
Photo Slot10:10am (CT)10:20am (CT)0/1Over
Photo Slot10:20am (CT)10:30am (CT)0/1Over
Photo Slot10:30am (CT)10:40am (CT)1/1Over
Photo Slot10:40am (CT)10:50am (CT)0/1Over
Photo Slot10:50am (CT)11:00am (CT)2/1Over